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Maximilien Roy ● Board Member



Senior Manager, Public Policy Canada, AMAZON

Born in the municipality of Ogden in the Eastern Townships, Maximilien grew up working on a farm while studying and being involved in the community.

Mr. Roy has held different management positions, including the positions of Director of Operations for the Minister of Tourism, Official Languages ​​and La Francophonie as well as Policy Advisor for the Minister of Finance of Canada.

Mr. Roy was also Director of the riding office of the Right Honorable Justin Trudeau and has also worked in the private sector as a Public affairs consultant at NATIONAL Public Relations. He holds a Bachelor's degree from Bishop's University, a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from ENAP and just graduated from a Double Executive MBA from ESG UQAM / Université Paris Dauphine. Maximilien is married with two children, Carter and Sofia.

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