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The AMCHAM Canada - Quebec "State of America" Series:

Letter from the New Hampshire Primary by David Marks Shribman (Number 25 - January 9, 2020)

A series of articles and commentary on issues related to the state of economic, political and business affairs in the United States.

NORTH CONWAY, N.H.—After months of campaigning, fundraising, strategizing and maneuvering, the Democratic presidential campaigns finally have entered the actual election year. Indeed, the period between the turning of the calendar page onto the year 2020 and the New Hampshire Primary, the first in the nation, is roughly the time period consumed by the entire Canadian election campaign last year.  READ THE REST OF THE ARTICLE

La Série "State of America" d'AmCham Canada - Québec. Volet opportunités d'affaires

Le Québec: Un partenaire important dans la décarbonisation nord-américaine. par Catherine Loubier (Numéro 24: 11 décembre 2019)

Un ensemble d'articles et de commentaires sur l'état des affaires économiques, sociales, et politiques aux États-Unis.

En 1940, le gouvernement du Québec a ouvert son tout premier bureau à l’étranger au Rockefeller Center de la ville de New York, prêt à promouvoir son acier et son aluminium, ainsi que, bien sûr, le sirop d’érable et les sapins de Noël. Libre-échangistes avant leur époque, les manufacturiers québécois étaient déjà intéressés par une expansion vers de nouveaux marchés.  LIRE LA SUITE DE L'ARTICLE

The AMCHAM Canada - Quebec "State of America" Series:

A little bit of Canada could go a long way by David Marks Shribman (Number 23 - November 14, 2019)

A series of articles and commentary on issues related to the state of economic, political and business affairs in the United States.

One of them is from a state that has eight non-stop flights a day to Canada. Four others are from states bordering Canada. One is from a state where trade with Canada accounts for US $617.18 billion a year. Another is from a state where Canada is by far the biggest trading partner, accounting for fully a fifth of its overall international commerce.  Plus this: The first primary is being held in a state that abuts Canada.  READ THE REST OF THE ARTICLE

The AMCHAM Canada - Quebec "State of America" Series:

Conservative America's Long Road Back by Adam Daifallah (Number 22 - November 4, 2019)

A series of articles and commentary on issues related to the state of economic, political and business affairs in the United States

Let’s cut right to the chase, shall we? There is no obvious way out of the political mess inflicting the U.S. If there was, we wouldn’t be where we are right now. Leadership matters, and strong leadership can change the zeitgeist very quickly. Case in point: Donald Trump. Not until such time as another person with similar popular appeal comes along will our American friends be pulled in a different, more optimistic direction.
I love America and thought I understood it well. Having lived there for a short time and spending so much time traveling and vacationing there, you reach a point where you feel you are almost an honorary citizen.  READ THE REST OF THE ARTICLE

Welcoming Neil Herrington, Senior VP, Americas as a panelist at our 6 November Event - US Midterm Elections Evening

United States Midterm Election Evening

Neil Herrington is Senior Vice President, Americas, for the United States Chamber of Commerce, Washington, D.C., the leading business organization in the world, and one of the principal authorities in the United States on the workings and benefits of international trade for US business. He will be able to give attendees an in depth overview on how US business views trade with Canada and the world in this period of the Trump Administration. An essential perspective for anyone planning to expand their business dealings in the United States. RSVP HERE

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As Tariffs Hit, Chamber Ramps Up Trade Advocacy

Chamber files Comments Opposing Sec. 232 Auto Tariffs

Business, Agriculture Groups Lead NAFTA Lobby Day

White House Eyes FIRRMA As House Passes Its Version

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AmCham Canada Survey of U.S. Business Confidence in Canada Shows Positive Outlook with Potential Storm Clouds on the Horizon,, visit the AmCham Canada website click here. 

New Leadership at AmCham Quebec

AmCham Quebec held its annual general meeting last night in Montreal and unanimously elected Antoine Tayyar as President and Daniel Fortin as Vice-President of the board of directors, replacing Julie Lessard and John C. Dunn, the outgoing co-chairs who will remain on the Board. Read the complete Press Release, click here 

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AmCham Canada Launches New Semi-Annual Survey of U.S. Business Confidence in Canada

For the full News Release and Survey Results, visit the AmCham Canada website  click here

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The Trump administration formally began its long-promised renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement on Thursday, sending Congress a letter that starts the clock on a 90-day waiting period before U.S. negotiators can sit down with their counterparts from Canada and Mexico.

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Former U.S. President Barack Obama is coming to Montreal June 6 to deliver one of his first international speeches since joining the public speaking circuit.

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The American Chamber of Commerce in Canada (AmCham Canada) monthly E-Communique --  News, Activities and Events driving U.S.-Canada Cross-Border Business. 

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